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Hmm, where to start and where to end? Thank you for checking out my blog! My name is Jasmine Kent, formerly Jasmine Crawford. While I might seem to have it pretty much together, looks can be deceiving. You will soon realize that I am quite the strange one. I embrace my weirdness and I hope that you can too.  I am a deep thinker, an observer… I tend to be that person that says what I am thinking, when I feel others are on the same page and it turns out no one is. Depending on my mood I might talk with a different accent (British is the accent of choice most often). I am dramatic in the way of feeling different words might need a little extra exaggeration, and when I first meet people I always associate what they look like with an animal, things like that. You will learn more about my weird habits as you read my blogs. Although while all this craziness is going on in my head, I manage to look pretty normal, so that is a plus. If I could name one thing that I absolutely love to do is to laugh! It feels good, I look good doing it, so I’m a fan, kidding… sort of!

I reign from a small town in Southern Maryland. Ever since I left Maryland, whenever I tell someone I am from there, they ask if I’m from Baltimore, as if that is the only place in Maryland, but I explain, “it’s like 45 minutes south of there, you’ve probably never heard of Newburg”. When people say they have heard of Newburg, I question them- more like an interrogation– as if they are lying to me (not sure why I do this), but then I feel really bad and try to avoid them at all costs. I love where I came from and it has definitely shaped who I am today.

After graduating from LaPlata High School, I decided to head south towards warmer weather. I went to college at Florida Atlantic University (woop woop go Owls) and there I met my husband Matt (freshman orientation actually), as well as some amazing people. When we graduated, I soon found out South Florida was pretty saturated in my field, so another move was necessary. So long Boca Raton and hello windy city living, in Chicago.

My major was Public Communications and Multimedia Studies, so obviously I wanted to work for Oprah. Before I discovered my fear of public speaking (rather public reading), I wanted to have my own show like Oprah. I possess this strange quality, that when entering a new situation with someone, they instantly open up to me. I love it, I love getting to know new people. I find it quite nice when people drop their barriers and tell me the nitty gritty about their lives. It happens pretty often, not exactly sure what it is, but I welcome it!

I’ve held quite a lot of positions since moving to Chicago almost 8 years ago. I’ve worked at a Publishing Company, I’ve been a waitress at a fancy steakhouse, Sales Assistant at a National rep company, worked at WGN Radio, moved to television- TV One, then over to the experiential side of marketing at the agency called Mosaic and now I’m a tech girl at an awesome company, that is constantly rated the best place to work, Enova. Here I am learning something new everyday. I have freedom to make decisions and I am trusted to get my work done, without strict work hours. I feel everything I’ve learned up to this point has prepared me for this position. I am in client service, but I also work very closely with software engineers and data analysts ensuring timelines are met and they have accurate data for analyzing.

Roughly 20 months ago Matt and I welcomed a new addition to our little family. Pictured with me is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet, Gideon. He had quite a rough introduction to this world, coming 7 & 1/2 weeks early, due to preeclampsia. Little Gideon Mitchell weighed 3lbs 12oz and I plan to share my pregnancy story once I complete it because it was quite an event. Gideon is such a beautiful blessing and Matt and I can’t imagine life without him in it. If you follow me on the gram or you are friends with me on FB, each month of his life I share a collage of him including his likes as well as dislikes. Don’t want to get into all of that here, but he is a happy boy who loves puppies.

It does seem like I am such an adult, being married, a mom and having this corporate job, but please believe I am a strong believer that you are as old as you feel. Honestly, it’s hard to believe this is my life. I often have to take a step back and realize how truly blessed I am. Each day I try to give thanks to the big man upstairs, it’s important to do!

I do hope you enjoy reading, as I do enjoy writing about random things and expressing myself in a very free way. Leave your feedback if you’d like and I’m pretty into social media, so like me, follow me, poke me, repin me, add me, do all of those good things!

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