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My life as a working mom certainly has its challenges. Mornings can be especially unpredictable. Will our son Gideon wake up on the happy side of the bed? Will he want to go through his morning routine with urgency, so we can make our early meetings? Will Alexa remind us again of how random the weather is in Chicago? One day 80, the next 50. Will my green drink turn out thick and undrinkable, even though I put the same ingredients in it each morning? Now that I think about it, water quantity is definitely the problem. One unpredictable thing after another. The part of my day that I can absolutely count on for consistency is my new cariPRO Ultrasonic toothbrush by Smile Brilliant. Starting the morning with a deep clean that leaves my mouth feeling fresh all day.

Didn’t see that coming eh? My husband is great too. Super consistent. But, honestly… I’ve been using an electronic toothbrush for years and this is by far my favorite. Similar to washing your face in the morning, this is the necessary jump-start to your day. If you recall in January I partnered with Smile Brilliant, trying out their teeth whitening treatment. That was such a positive experience, I of course said, “yes” when asked to review their electronic toothbrush. With any product there are strengths and areas of opportunity. Can you tell I’m preparing for end of year performance reviews at work? Anyhow, I’ve been using this brush for about a month and I’d like to share my experience with you.


Can we take a moment to admire the sleek, graphite gray exterior? The silver accents complement any chrome sink fixture. And come through with that pop of blue. It’s smooth, lightweight and you’ll instantly notice the signature angled and tufted DuPont bristles. These bristles do wonders for the full tooth and gums. My last electronic toothbrush did not have a tongue scraper, so I had no clue what I was in for. You can’t tell by looking, but this baby can be used in the shower. Any chance to multitask, I’m down.

When the bristles are facing you, you are presented with two buttons. The top is the power button and the button below that is to switch from one brushing mode to the next. I have never used a toothbrush with more than one setting. CariPRO has 5 different modes… clean (my personal favorite), white (2nd favorite and a bit faster than clean), massage, gum care and sensitive. Each has their own unique pulse and brush motion. One bummer is if you change the mode mid brush, it starts the 2 minutes over. The ideal situation would be back teeth clean and front of teeth white.

This is the most lightweight electronic toothbrush I’ve used. It’s easy to maneuver, getting way in the back where your dentist always reminds you that you missed. The power button isn’t flush with the brush, so it’s easy to avoid turning off mid-brush. This was a constant problem with my last brush. I absolutely love the auto interval smart timer. 2 full minutes is the recommended brushing time. The carIPRO pauses after 30 seconds, signaling to move to the next quadrant of your mouth. Top-front, top-back, bottom-back, bottom-front is my pattern of choice. My last toothbrush had a timer, but the pause was so brief, I often didn’t know it happened. This pause is clear and I’ve always ended on time.

Speaking of multi-tasking, have you ever had to run around your house like a mad woman finding clothes? That specific eyeliner? Or that one hair tie you forgot which purse it was left in? This typically happens to me while brushing my teeth, trying not to wake our sleeping angel. My appreciation runs deep for the quiet buzz on this electronic toothbrush. So many things I can accomplish in the morning. Even sneaking into his room to pick out clothes in preparation for the mountains to move when he wakes.

This is probably the item we should care the most about. All the other points are great, but if it doesn’t work, then they are as good as useless. Using this brush for about a month, I’ve noticed such an improvement in my smile and gums. Momma loves some wine and coffee. Both of those delicious, staining power champions have nothing on me, if I keep up with my two a day brushing. I’m smiling fearlessly even when I’m running 15 minutes late. When you purchase the cariPRO, there is a 60 day trial period. They guarantee results or your money back.


Charging: It is very interesting that my cariPRO Ultrasonic will charge all night and all day, but after I use it and place it back on the charger, the power light is blinking red. When I pick it up in the morning and night, it’s green. I’m not sure how they gauge their power levels, but I would think after one use, the light would remain green. This concerns me if I travel and don’t have my charging dock. It will continue to flash red, but I’m not sure if it just lost a bit of battery or if it’s about to die. I haven’t noticed any delays or decrease in brushing power, but I always notice the red light.

My previous electronic toothbrush came with a traveling case. This was extremely helpful for trips up to the in-laws or fun getaways with the family. My new toothbrush does not have a brush cover, a case, anything. I know this is first world problems, but I’ve been spoiled and don’t know what to do. I believe a normal toothbrush bristle cover will work on this size brush, but I haven’t tried yet. I’d love for cariPRO to develop traveling kit.

Okay okay, enough about me. Now it’s time for you to try this out for yourself! Break away from the unpredictable and crazy and find solace in the very reliable and gum pampering cariPRO Ultrasonic. Want your own for free? Use my code 20treatjazself to get 20% off.

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    Thanks for this write up! I just got a Caripro toothbrush with a big discount through my health insurance. I wasn’t clear on the flashing lights either- the manual says it will be red when it is charging and green when it is fully charged. But I just docked it and it’s flashing green. hm! I’ll leave it on there for a day anyways, as it says to charge for a full 24 hrs when you first get it.
    I wouldn’t have known about the pauses if I hadn’t read your blog!

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